Pri Bengani

Pri Bengani


Priyanjana Bengani is the Tow Computational Journalism Fellow at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism. Her work focuses on using computational techniques to research the digital media landscape, including partisan local news and the intersection of platform companies with the media. She co-teaches a course on Information Warfare Reporting at Columbia Journalism School, and has previously co-taught a class on Algorithms for the Lede Program. 

Her most recent projects, published in the Columbia Journalism Review, have focused on uncovering networks of mysterious ‘pink slime’ local news outlets, looking at activity on WhatsApp groups during the Indian election, and analysing how Facebook labels posts inconsistently

Pri is a graduate of Columbia’s MS dual degree in Computer Science and Journalism (2017). She completed her BS in Computer Science and Business Studies from the University of Warwick in England. 

She likes code.