Heather Chaplin

Heather Chaplin


Heather Chaplin is director of the Journalism + Design program at the New School and the recipient of two Knight Foundation media innovation grants. Chaplin covered videogames for ten years for All Things Considered, The New York Times, and The LA Times, among other places. She is the co-author of Smartbomb: The Quest for Art, Entertainment and Big Bucks in the Videogame Revolution, New York Times Notable Book of 2006.  Her next book will be published by Simon & Schuster in fall 2016.

Guide to Journalism + Design

There is a growing movement among journalists arguing for a closer relationship between design and journalism. At The New School, Chaplin started the Journalism + Design program last year, and she sees other examples of people exploring these connections through research, discussion, and experimentation.  What do the two disciplines have to do with one another? What do people even mean when they say “design?” Where are examples of design methodologies being used successfully to produce better journalism? What promise does the notion hold – and what might just be hype? This guide will examine the different ways different newsrooms are using design and lay out suggestions for next steps and next questions.

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